Annabelle in front of her 'Foo Dog' mural in Kerava, Finland.

Annabelle in front of her 'Foo Dog' mural in Kerava, Finland.

Annabelle Popa...

was born and raised in Queens, NY. She Graduated the Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Illustration.

Her fantasy worlds and strange creatures are inspired by nature and folklore. She sees art as an adventure and exploration through time. Artworks often take on a life of their own by the end. She is merely a messenger who is able to peek into the vast unknown.



Past Work, Awards and Shows:

December 2018, “Guardians of Jackson Heights”, Jackson Heights, NY

October 2018, Live Painting Event, Kingston Pop Museum, NY

September 2018, “Secret Walls”, Monmouth University, NJ

August, 2018, “Rising up in the Community”, Long Island City, NY

May 2018, "Feast of the Goat Queen", Homewood, Illinois.

October 2017, “Invocations”, GalleriAri, Mikkeli, Finland

May 2017, “Hours”, Charles West Gallery, Chelsea, NY

May 2017, BFA Exhibition, Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, Union Square, NY

May 2017, "Going Home" painting featured in the 2017 Society of Illustrators Student Show

Summer 2016, Lead Character Designer for Conquerers of the Realm

Zox Straps - see design projects

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  • Behemoth

  • Ziz

  • Tiki

  • Spooky Scary

  • Kraken

  • On Guard

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