Past Mural Work

Have a location available that needs a bit of sprucing up?


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Public Art Projects

Guardians of Jackson Heights

This site specific mural reflects on the neighborhood of Jackson Heights, mixing together the French architecture with its newfound diversity.

Rising Up in the Community with CITYarts

I was the lead artist on a Community Mural inspired by the neighborhood’s identity and the youth’s vision for the future.

Blue Whale

12’ x 20’ foot Mural in Mikkeli, Finland.

Live Painting Events

I love participating in and helping to organize live art events, email me for inquiries!

Guardian Lions

A collaboration with Albert Popa and David Popa at the “Demolition Arts Festival” in Kerava, Finland.

Commercial Spaces

‘Creation of the Rabid God’ Mural for Rabid Brewing in Homewood, IL.

Frida Kahlo mural for “El Rico Tinto” on Northern Boulevard and 74th Street, Jackson Heights, NY.


A mural of the adventurous Hilbert the Hippo of The Green Hippo Cafe in Helsinki, Finland.